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Hiring Business Critical Talent Through Video Interviews

As the Covid-19 epidemic continues to spread across the US, life sciences organizations will be called on the help research and develop potential treatments and vaccines. Companies will be looking to bring on top life sciences talent to navigate these challenges and bring life-saving solutions to the market.

It is an opportune moment to use technology, like virtual interviews, to get ahead of the competition to secure business-critical talent.

“We’re living in a digital world, don’t let working from home put a stop to hiring plans,” comments Jack Boobyer, Head of EPM Scientific, West Coast. “The key word in working from home is ‘work’ – the what hasn’t changed, it’s just the how for the time being.”

As a hiring manager, using video calling software as part of your recruitment process may be new territory. Get started with this recently released guide on how employers can successfully hire through video interviews. Download now to discover:

  • Why you should use video interviews

  • How to protect your corporate reputation and successfully hire

  • The advantage of using video interviews to evaluate candidates

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