8. Upskill yourself

Within the life science industry there are some areas that have a higher demand for talent than others. It could be a smart career move to specialise in those areas. E.g. getting certified as a Qualified Person in Germany is almost certainly guaranteeing you job opportunities. The same goes for getting experience at notified bodies; this increases your chances of potentially joining a competitor or the opportunity to use your regulatory experience to go back into the industry.

With emerging technologies altering the life science industry, roles for these professionals are evolving, this often means that professionals have to upskill themselves to be able to match new positions that are becoming available.  

Identify your gaps in knowledge and work on ways to fill it. Base your priorities on your career trajectory. 

Research  relevant certifications and courses that you can aim towards to set you apart from your competition. Find a mentor in your field that can provide you with practical advice and help you reach your career goals.  

Once you complete your course, you can share your knowledge with your team. It builds trust and credibility and shows your knowledge and drive. You could go one step further and become a mentor.  

Advice from EPM Scientific: If you’re unsure about which areas you want to upskill yourself in, one of our specialist recruiters can guide you with regards to skills that are in high demand on the market.