Top Career Motivations to Attract Life Sciences Professionals

Our recent Job Confidence Index explored the sentiments of nearly 150 life sciences professionals across the US. One interesting finding revealed an unexpected prioritizing of professional motivations, with career progression (74%) topping higher salary (63%). Understanding what motivates candidates to seek new employment or leave their current employer is essential for attracting and securing the best talent.

“Career progression is the most important motivator for staying with an employer or seeking new opportunities. Yet clients do not do a great job in selling career progression and this is often a weak point in their recruitment and retention strategies."

- Jae Yoo, Vice President at EPM Scientific

The Job Confidence Index gets inside the minds of life sciences professionals in the United States, sharing detailed findings on professional motivations, as well as further insights on professional market confidence, job security, relocation, compensation and more.

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  • Job Confidence Index 2020 Covers:

• Economic Outlook

Outlook on Job Market & Job Security

• Compensation and bonuses

• Job Satisfaction

• Motivational Factors

• Willingness to Relocate