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Given the scope of specialization in life sciences, scientific recruitment requires skill and an in-depth knowledge of the industry. As the preferred talent partner of leading organizations and innovative startups, recruiting top-tier scientists across biometrics, clinical operations, pharmacology, and other areas of expertise is our business.

With a collaborative approach, over 10 years of experience, and global talent hubs, we offer a valuable partnership that goes beyond our guiding the hiring process and sourcing and placing the best talent effectively and efficiently. Gain the peace of mind and competitive advantage that comes with working with a leading scientific recruiter and let us connect you with the talent you need.

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Why choose EPM Scientific for scientific recruitment?

Having EPM Scientific as your organization’s scientific talent partner has numerous benefits. With us, you receive:

  • Unrivaled Scientific Executive Recruitment Experience: Over 10 years of experience as scientific talent consultants has given us in-depth knowledge and a thorough understanding of the industry’s complexities, challenges, and opportunities. All this enables us to identify candidates whose knowledge and skills in areas such as R&D, Clinical Development, and Engineering make them an asset to your organization, where they can drive innovation and evolution.

  • Forward-Thinking Mindset: We specialize in nothing less than sourcing individuals who embrace innovation and stay ahead of trends rather than follow them. Our expert scientific talent consultants will assist your organization in building a team that will push boundaries and achieve success.

  • Extensive Global Talent Network: Our extensive global network of experienced and qualified people who are passionate about their chosen scientific disciplines enables us to source top-level individuals who have continually demonstrated their prowess in the industry’s technical and human aspects.

  • Tailored Recruitment Strategies: We will work with you, ensuring that we understand your organization’s talent needs, so that we can tailor our approach accordingly. With talent acquisition strategies that are aligned with your organization’s goals, culture, and technology stack, we can source and deliver candidates who share your organization’s values, vision, and technical requirements.

  • A Partner For Success: As a leading scientific recruitment agency, the service that EPM Scientific offers is about much more than finding the right people for the vacancies within your organization. We become a partner in the success of your business, supporting your talent needs as you adapt and scale, forging long-term connections through value-added services such as salary benchmarking, market updates, and talent trend reports, helping you achieve your objectives.

EPM Scientific is the preferred talent partner of industry-leading life sciences companies and startups alike. We will leverage our vast talent network, bespoke recruitment processes, and extensive industry knowledge and expertise to deliver the best people for the job when you need them.

Choose EPM Scientific as your organization's preferred talent partner.

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The life sciences industry is highly specialized, with each sector being vastly different from the next. Thanks to more than a decade of extensive industry experience, EPM Scientific offers many areas of specialty, enabling us to find talented, sought-after individuals for any role in your organization. Our scientific recruitment specialties include:

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Change the way your organization handles the search for scientific talent and realize your goals and objectives more efficiently. Our experts will engage with you to learn about your specific talent needs, ensuring we understand what’s required. After customizing our solutions to align with your organization, we will find and deliver the people you need.

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