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Whether you are looking for top talent to fill roles such as Head of Regulatory Affairs or Regional or Global Regulatory Director, EPM Scientific will source and place the best people quickly and effectively. The premier choice for regulatory affairs recruitment among global life sciences companies and innovative startups, we will forge a relationship that goes beyond sourcing talent, supporting your organization as you adapt and evolve to realize your objectives in an ever-changing industry.

With over 10 years of extensive experience, we understand that regulation is vital in the life sciences industry. Let us find people who will be an asset to your organization, ensuring compliance every step of the way.

Find top regulatory affairs talent with EPM Scientific.

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Why choose EPM Scientific for regulatory affairs recruitment?

At EPM Scientific, our mission is to deliver premium regulatory affairs recruitment services and ongoing support as we build a supportive relationship and help your organization achieve its goals. With us as your regulatory affairs talent partner, you have access to:

  • Bespoke Recruitment Services: Before sourcing regulatory affairs talent for your organization, we will work with you to make sure that we fully understand your hiring needs as well as your company values and vision. Tailoring our tried-and-tested recruitment processes, services, and strategies to your organization means we can find sought-after qualified people who share your vision and values, and harmonize with your company culture.

  • Geared Toward Innovation: Regardless of the seniority level or product phase, meticulousness is essential to good regulation. Even so, the very nature of the life sciences industry is to evolve and innovate healthcare. Ensure that your organization complies with regulatory requirements while continuing to innovate and stay ahead of trends by choosing us for regulatory affairs recruitment.

  • Global Talent Network: Our global network of regulatory affairs talent means we can quickly source and place highly qualified individuals in the US and from around the world. This offers you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your organization can benefit from the best talent.

  • Extensive Industry Experience: For over a decade, EPM Scientific has enhanced life sciences companies through superior regulatory affairs staffing, filling roles in other areas of specialty, and ongoing collaboration. This gives our talent consultants a keen understanding of the industry’s opportunities and challenges, as well as the many complexities involved in regulation. This empowers us to source and deliver top talent exactly when needed.

  • Your Partner In Achievement: With EPM Scientific, you gain a partnership that will support your organization as it expands, evolves, and achieves its objectives. This beneficial relationship begins with customized regulatory affairs staffing and continues with addressing other hiring needs and through additional services tailored to your organization.

All this makes EPM Scientific the preferred talent partner of leading organizations and companies in all sectors of the life sciences industry. Change your approach to regulatory affairs recruitment and transform your organization with the best regulatory affairs talent.

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Executive regulatory affairs recruiting is only one of our areas of specialty. EPM Scientific also specializes in recruitment in many areas of life sciences, including:

Looking to secure the best regulatory affairs talent?

Filling regulatory affairs roles in life sciences companies can be tricky when handled in-house, especially when it means reaching a potentially small pool of candidates. Gain a competitive advantage by choosing EPM Scientific for your organization’s regulatory affairs recruitment. Going beyond the initial phase, we will meet your organization’s every hiring need. We will also offer you valuable insights and ongoing value-added services that include talent analysis, interview experience insights, and hiring tips and resources to further empower you as you work toward achieving your business goals.

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