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912 drug recalls were generated by 166 different manufacturing sites during 2022 alone, according to a report by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research. Recalls can be prevented by keeping stringent control on product quality, but doing this effectively requires the best talent, which is where trustworthy quality control recruitment comes in.

Let EPM Scientific take care of your life science’s company’s hiring needs. With more than 10 years of extensive industry experience, a team of professional recruitment consultants, and a global talent network, we are ideally positioned to source and deliver highly sought-after professionals when required. As your organization's preferred quality control staffing agency, we will also provide you with supportive, ongoing value-added services.

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Why choose EPM Scientific for quality control recruitment?

With EPM Scientific, quality control recruitment goes beyond sourcing and delivering skilled and qualified individuals. With us, your organization gains a partner to support it as it adapts and evolves to achieve its objectives within a fast-paced and constantly changing industry. We offer:

  • Worldwide talent network: Thanks to our global network of talent hubs, we can source the most qualified and talented individuals for quality control roles, no matter where your company is based.

  • Bespoke recruitment strategies and processes: We have honed and perfected our recruitment processes over more than a decade. However, we understand that every organization has its own unique culture, values, and goals. We will work with you to gain a thorough understanding of your company and its hiring needs before customizing our quality control recruitment agency strategies and processes. This ensures that we find people who will fit in perfectly with the rest of the team while bringing the skills and qualifications you need.

  • Innovation and development: Driven by talented individuals who can think outside the box, innovation is at the core of the life sciences industry. With us as your chosen quality control staffing agency, your team will be enriched by people who are driven by change and development.

  • Extensive industry experience: We have an insightful understanding of the complexities, challenges, and opportunities that arise within the wider life sciences industry. This is thanks to more than 10 years of quality control recruitment as the preferred talent partner of global companies and startups alike.

  • A partnership for growth: Good recruitment doesn’t begin and end with sourcing and placing talent. There’s more to it, and with EPM Scientific, this takes the form of value-added services that are tailored to your organization's functions, ethos, and needs. Take advantage of services such as talent analysis, salary benchmarking, hiring tips and resources, and employer value propositions.

For more than a decade, our quality control recruiters have sourced highly desirable talent for roles at all levels and functions. Some roles we’ve helped fill include Head of Department, Team Lead, Quality Management System (QMS) Specialist, Regional Director, and Global Director.

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As the preferred talent partner of global pharmaceutical companies, trail-blazing medical device creators, and biopharmaceutical and biotechnology startups, our areas of specialized talent acquisition services aren’t limited to quality control. Our other specialties include:

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Sourcing talent for quality control roles at your company can be difficult when recruitment isn’t a major priority. Entrusting your hiring needs to the professionals can make a world of difference, especially when it results in your team being enriched by qualified individuals.

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