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Providing bespoke pharma sales recruitment services to innovative and industry leading life sciences organizations in the US and around the world, EPM Scientific is here to help with all your hiring needs. Work with us and benefit from over 10 years of industry experience and extensive resources. With EPM Scientific, you can enrich your team with qualified individuals and access value-added services such as talent analysis, employer value propositions, and salary benchmarking to take your organization to the next level.

Our knowledgeable pharma sales talent consultants will work with you to understand your organization’s needs and source, screen, and place sought-after people in roles such as Global/Regional Sales Director, Sales Manager, and more. Whatever your requirements, we will deliver.

Drive success with top pharma sales talent.

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Why choose EPM Scientific for pharma sales recruitment?

Offering premium pharma sales recruitment, wider life sciences recruitment, and support services, EPM Scientific is the preferred talent partner of organizations around the world. With us as your pharmaceutical sales staffing agency, you can benefit from:

  • Bespoke Recruitment Processes And Strategies: Our talent experts will work with you, ensuring they thoroughly understand your organization’s hiring needs. Using that understanding, we will customize our recruitment strategies to align them with your organization’s culture, goals, and technology stack for bespoke solutions. We use these to source and deliver driven people who share your vision, harmonize with your values, and meet your technical requirements.

  • Extensive Talent Network: Our extensive talent network includes hubs around the world, enabling us to source individuals who are committed to driving organizational goals through pharmaceutical sales. With us, you gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing that a leading pharmaceutical sales staffing agency can fill any role when you need them to.

  • Unrivaled Pharma Sales Expertise: We have an in-depth understanding of the challenges, complexities, and opportunities that arise within the life sciences industry, thanks to over 10 years of industry experience. This allows us to source top-tier candidates without delay. Let us deliver talent with the ability, knowledge, and skills to help grow your organization.

  • Forward-Thinking Mindset: The talent that your organization gains from our pharma sales recruitment services stay ahead of trends and not only embrace but drive innovation. Strengthen your company’s forward-thinking mindset through EPM Scientific.

  • Long-Term Partnership: Our commitment to your success is not limited to recruiting the best candidates for your organization. We strive to forge long-term partnerships by offering ongoing services that support continual adaptation and facilitate growth in an ever-evolving industry.

EPM Scientific is the principal choice for pharmaceutical talent acquisition services among top life sciences companies, multinational contract & clinical research organizations, global brands, specialist suppliers, emerging startups, and other organizations. With a wealth of experience, a vast network, premium technology, customized solutions, and unparalleled knowledge, we place the industry’s top pharma sales professionals.

Gain more than a talent partner with EPM Scientific.

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Thanks to our talent network, we can find and place qualified individuals in a variety of pharma sales roles. Sales Manager, Key Account Manager, Sales and Account Manager, and Global/Regional Sales Director are some of the roles we have helped companies to fill. Not limited to pharma sales recruitment, our other specialties include:

Looking to secure the best pharma sales talent?

If you are looking to secure the best talent in pharma sales for your organization, look no further than EPM Scientific. In addition to placing the ideal candidates for roles at your company quickly and seamlessly, we will support your organization through additional bespoke services, helping you to achieve greater success. Choose EPM Scientific as your pharma sales recruitment partner today.

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