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Strengthen your team with the best talent available and let them drive sales of ventilators, patient monitors, or other devices, oversee teams, or manage regional or national sales. Leave your organization’s medical device sales recruitment in the capable hands of EPM Scientific and let us source and deliver the best people for medical device sales.

We will forge a long-term partnership for your success, helping you to achieve your company’s objectives. Gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’re working with a top medical device sales staffing agency with a collaborative approach, an extensive talent network, and over a decade of life sciences industry expertise.

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Why choose EPM Scientific for medical device sales recruitment?

The preferred talent partner of life sciences organizations and institutions around the world, we are committed to providing exceptional medical device sales recruitment services. In addition to working with and placing highly sought-after talent in a number of medical device sales roles, we offer much that your organization can benefit from, such as:

  • Global Talent Network: We are among the world’s top medical device sales recruitment companies, thanks partly to our network of talent hubs around the world. This extensive network enables us to source committed and qualified individuals for roles such as Business Development Manager, Business Unit Director, Territory Manager, and National/Regional Sales Manager. No matter what roles your organization needs to fill, EPM Scientific will find and place talent that you can trust quickly and effectively.

  • Unparalleled Industry Expertise: Over 10 years of involvement in medical device sales and wider life sciences recruitment has given us unparalleled industry experience. Our talent experts keenly understand the industry’s complexities as well as its many challenges and exciting opportunities. Using this valuable experience, we can source the best candidates whenever you need them. We will place individuals with the skills, knowledge, and drive to help take your organization to the next level.

  • Tailored Recruitment Processes: At EPM Scientific, we understand that every life sciences and medical device organization’s hiring needs are unique. We will work with you, making sure we know exactly what you are looking for in terms of talent. This enables us to tailor our proven processes and strategies, aligning them with your objectives and company culture. These customized solutions allow us to find skilled representatives, managers, and executives who share your organization’s passion, vision, and values.

  • Future-Now Mindset: We will support your organization’s evolution and ensure it stays ahead of medical device sales trends. We do this by strengthening your future-now mindset and helping you to hire the best people for the job. Forward-thinking isn’t limited to our candidates – we ensure that we are at the forefront of medical device sales recruiting through constant innovation.

  • Partnership In Success: When you choose EPM Scientific as your preferred medical device sales staffing agency, your organization gains a long-term partner in adapting, scaling, and success. Going beyond the initial recruitment phase, we will provide ongoing support through a selection of services that have been tailored to your organization’s unique needs.

The premier choice for talent acquisition among industry leading life sciences companies, EPM Scientific is here to help guide your organization to success.

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Our vast talent network means your organization never needs to wait long for qualified and talented hires. Whatever the roles that need to be filled, EPM Scientific will find the best people. More than medical device sales talent consultants, we have many areas of specialty, including:

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For many organizations, finding the best talent is their number one challenge. Choose EPM Scientific for medical device sales recruitment, knowing that we will deliver individuals who will make a difference efficiently and effectively.

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