Medical Device Recruitment

Find top-tier talent and gain a competitive advantage by choosing EPM Scientific as your organization’s medical device recruitment partner. With extensive customizable solutions and over a decade of industry experience, we can cater to your every hiring need. Whether you are looking for direct hires to fill leadership roles, or contingent workers with the skills and experience to fill medical device and technology vacancies at various points in the development process, we can find the best people when you need them. Find sought-after medical device talent.

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Why choose EPM Scientific for medical device recruitment?

As your organization’s medical device talent partner, EPM Scientific will support you in actualizing your vision. Going beyond many traditional medical device staffing agencies, we offer:

  • Unsurpassed Experience in Medical Device Recruitment: We have over 10 years of experience in the industry and sourcing and placing top talent within it. With our comprehensive understanding of industry opportunities, challenges, and complexities, we can swiftly identify medical device candidates with the expertise to drive innovation within your organization.

  • Global Talent Network: We have a vast global network of highly sought-after individuals with niche skill sets, such as field engineering and validation, thanks to our talent hubs around the world. We draw on this network to source the best medical device candidates for organizations across the globe.

  • Bespoke Recruitment Strategies and Processes: Working with you to fully understand your talent needs, we will customize our medical device recruitment strategies and processes to reflect your organization’s culture and goals, as well as its technology stack. This will allow us to find and deliver qualified and skilled people who share your values and mission, and who meet your technical requirements.

  • Contemporary Mindset: Finding qualified, talented, and proven individuals who embrace innovation and outpace trends is our specialty. We will help your organization build an innovative team and aim for continued success.

  • Your Partner in Achievement: EPM Scientific is the preferred medical device talent partner of companies and hiring managers because we go beyond finding the best people for your organization. With value-added services that include interview experience insights and preparation, and hiring tips and resources, we support your organization as you scale and adapt, becoming a talent partner who can help you realize your objectives.

The importance of hiring the best medical device talent cannot be overstated in an industry with little margin for error. Let your organization benefit from our tailored recruitment processes, a global talent network, vast industry knowledge, and tried and tested expertise.

Reap the benefits of working with top medical device talent consultants.

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A leading biotech sales recruitment agency, EPM Scientific also has extensive experience in other aspects of life sciences recruitment. Some of our main areas of specialty include:

Looking to secure the best medical device talent?

Whether you are looking to hire a top-tier medical device professional on a short-term contract, a highly skilled individual for a long-term to permanent contract, or a person at C-suite level with the knowledge and skills to make a real difference to your organization, EPM Scientific can make it happen. Our worldwide talent network includes individuals with niche skill sets and covers multiple aspects of the medical device industry.

Choose medical device recruitment that you and your organization can trust to deliver the best talent when you need it. We will collaborate with you, customize our offerings to suit your organization’s specific needs, and draw on our expansive network to find people who not only meet the requirements for the roles but who also are aligned with your organization’s mission, values, and goals.

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