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Approximately 56,000 Medical Advisor roles are expected to open in the decade between 2021 and 2031. The growing prevalence of this mid-level Medical Affairs role in life sciences companies is one of the clearest indications of the increasing importance of expert Medical Affairs recruitment.

Let EPM Scientific find and place the people who will become the public face of your organization and more. While Medical Affairs is best known for engaging clinicians, researchers, healthcare professionals, and communicating information through various channels, these teams play another important role. They also contribute insights gained from their external interactions, helping to shape marketing strategies, communications, brand plans, and educational activities. Get talent your company can trust with us as you preferred Medical Affairs recruitment agency.

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Why choose EPM Scientific for Medical Affairs recruitment?

Your company benefits from more than expert Medical Affairs recruitment with EPM Scientific. You'll gain a talent partner that will support you as your organization strives to realize its objectives. Reasons to choose us as your Medical Affairs executive search recruitment agency include:

  • Global talent network: We can find skilled professionals who will be an asset to your organization and place them efficiently when you need them, thanks to our global network of talent hubs with sought-after, qualified individuals.

  •  Extensive life sciences industry experience: We have more than 10 years of experience in Medical Affairs staffing and recruitment within many areas of the life sciences industry. Our unique understanding of the industry’s opportunities, evolution, and trajectory, as well as the challenges associated with it, helps inform our highly effective approach to Medical Affairs recruitment.

  •  Innovative outlook: We invest in the continued development of our talent experts and in cutting-edge technology. The result is an innovative outlook that enables us to go above and beyond traditional Medical Affairs recruitment agency offerings in supporting your company objectives.

  •  Bespoke recruitment strategies and processes: We familiarize ourselves with your company values and vision, and thoroughly understand your recruitment needs before customizing our strategies and processes. This ensures that we find the best talent for your roles.

  • A supportive partnership: In addition to gaining the cream of the crop in terms of talent, your company will also benefit from a supportive partnership. Take advantage of tailor-made value-added services such as trend reports and market updates, talent analysis, hiring tips and resources, employer value propositions, and salary benchmarking.

EPM Scientific is here to help with all your Medical Affairs staffing needs. Whether your organization needs Medical Advisors, a Medical Science Liaison, a Medical Manager, or a Medical Director, we will deliver and place top talent.

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EPM Scientific is the preferred talent partner of biopharma and biotech pioneers, multinational clinical and contract research organizations (CROs), industry leading pharma companies, and ground-breaking startups. In addition to Medical Affairs, our specialties include:

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When it comes to the public face of your company, you cannot rush into making hasty appointments that could come at considerably more expense than they’re worth. Entrust your organization's Medical Affairs recruitment to EPM Scientific. Our dedicated talent experts will work with you, create bespoke strategies and processes, and use our global network to find and deliver people who will help you take your organization into the future. Secure the best Medical Affairs talent with us.

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