Life Sciences Multi-Hiring Specialist

At EPM Scientific, we understand the dynamic landscape of hiring in the Life Sciences sector and are dedicated to offering unparalleled multi-hire services. Our skilled team have over a decade's worth of experience in connecting your international and domestic business goals with extraordinary temporary and permanent professionals whilst ensuring their career objectives are efficiently supported.

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What Sets Our Multi-Hiring Solutions Apart


At EPM Scientific, our multi-hire solutions are not only aimed at helping you to achieve your business goals, but also a combination of the following:

multi hire development benefit

​Expertise & Development

With our multi-hiring solutions, we're able to bring together a team of experts with complementary skills to tackle complex niche talent shortages.

multi hire enhanced creativity benefit

Enhanced creativity

We aim to provide a team with a range of experiences to aid unique solutions that may not have been considered for your business.

multi hire faster completion benefit

Faster completion

We aim to provide you with a specialized team with diverse skill sets, ultimately leading to faster results and discoveries.

multi hire collaboration benefit

​​Improved collaboration

Providing multi-disciplinary teams with complementary skills encourages open communication and collaboration, leading to a better understanding of your overall project goals.

multi hire adaptability benefit

​Greater adaptability

Projects often face unexpected challenges and require adaptation. With our extensive network, we are able to leverage skills on demand enabling flexibility for your needs.

multi hire accuracy benefit

​Increased accuracy

We showcase your business to experts to ensure the project is handled with precision. This can lead to higher results and increased accuracy for your business.​

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Our Multi-Hire Life Sciences Expertise

As a trusted partner in Life Sciences recruitment, EPM Scientific offers a comprehensive range of services to meet the diverse needs of the industry. Our areas of expertise include:


Clinical Development

Clinical Operations


Medical Communications




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