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Hiring top performers in R&D, biometrics, engineering, pharmacovigilance, regulatory, and other aspects of the life sciences industry can be a challenging and complex task for many companies. With more than a decade of experience as life sciences headhunters, EPM Scientific is ideally positioned to navigate the many facets of sourcing and placing top talent, and supporting organizations through different value-added services.

With us as your company’s preferred life sciences talent partner, you can be assured of securing sought-after talent drawn from a massive pool when you need it. Choose EPM Scientific as your company’s pharma and life sciences headhunters.

Enrich your organization with the best life sciences talent.

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Why choose EPM Scientific for life sciences headhunting?

More than life sciences headhunters, EPM Scientific offers continued support as your company works to realize its goals and fulfil its vision. With us as your preferred recruitment agency, your organization can reap the benefits of:

  • Far-reaching talent network: With our global talent hubs, sourcing and placing top-level talent is something we do fast and effectively. Bolster your company’s strengths with the world’s most sought-after talent, whether you’re looking for managers, directors, or vice presidents, by choosing EPM Scientific as your headhunters in life sciences.

  • Visionary outlook: We understand that the life sciences industry looks to the future, with constant innovation being one of the driving forces. Ensure that your organization has the talent it needs to blaze trails as it moves into the future with our team of expert life sciences headhunters.

  • More than 10 years of industry experience: We have been the preferred talent partner and headhunter in life sciences for leading companies and promising startups for more than 10 years. Get the highly qualified and skilled individuals your organizations needs, when it needs them. Our recruiters are known for their understanding of the opportunities and challenges that the industry brings.

  • Tailored recruitment services: After ensuring that our recruiters fully understand your company’s hiring needs and are familiar with its corporate values and vision, we will tailor EPM Scientific’s pharma and life sciences headhunter services, strategies, and processes to find and place the perfect talent match.

  • A partnership for growth: Our partnership with your company doesn’t end when we fill vacancies with top-level talent. See your organization benefit from valuable additional services that support your ongoing growth and adaptation in a fast-changing industry, such as hiring tips and resources, salary benchmarking, market updates, and talent trend reports.

The robust growth and development of life sciences requires a strategic approach. Take your company into the future with EPM Scientific as your life sciences headhunters.

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As a leading life sciences recruitment agency, we have many areas of specialty. Take advantage of our specialized recruitment in areas such as:

Looking to secure the best life sciences talent?

Having sourced and placed the world’s best life sciences talent for more than 10 years, we have the experience, skill, and talent network to give your organization the advantage over your competitors. Whether your company is a startup with a vision to innovate or a long-established industry leader, EPM Scientific can bring benefits that go far beyond the recruitment services we offer as life sciences headhunters.

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