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Life science recruiter

EPM Scientific are life science recruiters working across all areas of this innovative and essential industry. Partnering with a wide range of clients, from agile start-ups to established global brands, the firm is able to deliver expert support when it comes to creating forward-thinking, resilient teams with the vision to drive progress and growth. EPM Scientific is also part of the Phaidon International group and, as a result, is the go-to recruitment partner of choice for many world-leading life science organizations.

Sector coverage

As true market specialists, the life science recruiters at EPM Scientific provide support across a broad range of areas within the sector. These include:

  • Clinical development

  • Research and development

  • Quality

  • Biometrics

  • Regulatory

  • Clinical operations

  • Safety/pharmacovigilance

  • Medical affairs

  • Communications

  • Legal and compliance

  • Commercial

The firm’s expertise is exceptionally deep, as EPM Scientific has experience recruiting in this industry that stretches back to 2012. The EPM Scientific team understands the unique set of demands that are placed on businesses when it comes to recruiting business-critical life sciences talent. Pressure is constant and this is something that EPM Scientific has sought to alleviate with a reimagined recruitment process that is designed to accommodate the specific needs of businesses in this field. Peace of mind is a given for organizations that partner with EPM Scientific - the hiring process is efficiently managed and always in good hands.

An industry where people are key

Life sciences is a sector that relies on the innovative minds that make up an individual workforce, which is why it’s so crucial to ensure that recruitment choices made are the right ones. EPM Scientific has helped clients find talent across the sector, including filling hard to recruit and niche roles. The firm has access to an extensive network of candidates across all fields and with a broad spectrum of experience and expertise. The team’s own dedicated consultants are passionate about making the right connections and EPM Scientific provides ongoing training to ensure that they are always able to step up. Investment in best-in-class technology provides consultants with most up to the minute resources to help deliver optimum levels of client service.

Talent - the key driver

Talented people are essential to any organization looking to expand and this is something that is central to what a life sciences recruiter can offer. Working with a specialist in this field provides in-depth sector insight and key connections as well as an approach that is designed with the specific pressures of the sector in mind. When it comes to building a vision that enables an organization to lead from the front to create a better world, working with the right life sciences recruiter can be a transformative experience for any business.

 EPM Scientific is an essential partner for organizations across the life sciences sector where there is a focus on innovation, progress and growth. If your business is seeking new opportunities to find the right people to build in resilience, progress and innovation through hiring, our specialist consultants can work with you to develop the right approach.