Job Confidence Index 2020

In this complex social and economic climate, it can be hard to understand how current and prospective employees are feeling and thinking. Thanks to our expansive network, we are able to gauge the sentiment and aspirations of the life sciences workforce in the United States, and share that vital information with you.

The EPM Scientific Job Confidence Index 2020 is a new annual report that aims to measures confidence in the life sciences labor market in the United States. The index reports on professionals’ confidence in the economy, getting or holding a job, their compensation and bonus, and whether the normal push-and-pull factors in employment have changed.

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  • Key Findings

  • Going down: 2 in 5 respondents (41%) feel negative or very negative about the current job market. The same are (41%) are unconfident or very unconfident it will get better in the next 12 months.

  • American optimism: 50% are confident or very confident they will keep their jobs over the next six months.

  • Back up plans: Only 2 in 5 (42%)are confident or very confident they could find another job in next three months if they were made redundant.

  • Packing up: For the right job, the majority of respondents (58%) would move to another region. The North East is the most popular choice for relocation (18%).

  • Moving on:One third (30%) say they are likely or very likely to seek new employment over the next six months.