Global Job Confidence Index 2021

The unprecedented global pandemic certainly gripped the Life Sciences industry. Pharmaceutical, healthcare, and biotech companies have been at the front line of managing the crisis. While vaccine manufacturing and virus testing brought the prospect of light at the end of a dark tunnel, the fundamentals of how to compete for talent in this new landscape are a bottleneck facing Life Sciences organizations today.

In a post-pandemic business climate that is plentiful in opportunity, coupled with the competitive market for high caliber talent, it is crucial for Life Sciences companies to understand how to attract, retain, and secure talent in a candidate-driven market.

The annual EPM Scientific Global Job Confidence Index 2021 surveyed a industry-leading network of over 900 Life Sciences professionals from around the world. The index captures the sentiments of the labor market, their confidence in the economy, finding or retaining a job, job satisfaction, compensation and bonus, flexible working models, relocation, and whether motivation factors in employment have changed.  

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