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Entrust your company’s CMC / R&D recruitment needs to EPM Scientific. The preferred talent partner of leading life sciences companies, we understand the importance of chemistry, manufacturing, and controls (CMC) in ensuring consistency and quality throughout the drug development and manufacturing process.

Don’t leave your company’s CMC recruitment to chance. Our talent experts will find and place the best people for your open roles, forging a relationship that will support your company’s ongoing evolution as it moves towards actualizing its objectives and fulfilling its mission statement. Benefit from more than 10 years of industry experience by making EPM Scientific your company’s first choice for CMC and R&D recruitment.

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Why choose EPM Scientific for CMC / R&D recruitment?

EPM Scientific’s mission goes beyond premium CMC / R&D recruitment services to include ongoing assistance and support. When you choose us for R&D and CMC staffing services, your organization can benefit from:

  • Customized recruitment services: Our talent experts will begin the process of sourcing talent for your life sciences organization by working with you to ensure that we understand your company's hiring needs, vision, and values. When we know exactly what we’re looking for, we will adapt our R&D and CMC recruitment processes, strategies, and services to ensure that we find highly sought-after individuals who will be assets to your organization.

  • Innovative vision: Innovation and the development of new drugs and medical devices go hand-in-hand. Without vision, life sciences organizations cannot adapt, evolve, or survive. Choose EPM Scientific as your preferred R&D recruitment agency and ensure that your company benefits from talent that makes it possible to innovate continually and stay ahead of trends.

  • Worldwide talent network: We can source and place highly qualified individuals effectively and efficiently, thanks to our network of talent hubs around the world. With us as your organization’s CMC / R&D recruitment partner, it can benefit from some of the best talent the globe has to offer.

  • Considerable industry experience: EPM Scientific has collaborated with life sciences companies for over a decade, providing them with premium R&D and CMC recruitment services and additional offerings. Thanks to our recruiters’ considerable experience and understanding of the industry’s challenges and the opportunities it offers, we can deliver the talent that your company needs, when it needs it.

  • A supportive partnership: While your organization’s relationship with EPM Scientific may begin with CMC and R&D recruitment, it can continue through additional recruitment when needed and through further bespoke services such as talent analysis and employer value propositions, supporting your organization as it grows and evolves to achieve its goals.

With all this and more to offer, it’s not surprising that leading life sciences organizations and innovative startups around the world choose EPM Scientific for R&D and CMC staffing services. Let us revolutionize your company’s approach to R&D recruiting.

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EPM Scientific’s areas of specialty are not limited to CMC / R&D recruitment. Our other areas of specialized recruitment include:

Looking to secure the best CMC / R&D talent?

Whether your life sciences company is established or a startup, there is no need to limit CMC / R&D recruiting to a potentially small pool of local candidates. Choose EPM Scientific as your organization’s R&D and CMC recruitment agency and gain the competitive advantage that comes with exceptional talent and superb value-added services such as salary benchmarking and a variety of resources tailored to your company’s needs.

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