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Are you looking to strengthen your clinical research team with sought-after individuals who embrace innovation and drive success? Make EPM Scientific your clinical research talent partner and take advantage of our bespoke expert services and workforce solutions. We will collaborate with you, tailor our solutions, find and deliver top talent exactly when you need it, and support your organization’s long-term objectives through a range of additional services.

With over a decade of life sciences industry experience, EPM Scientific is the preferred clinical research talent agency of top companies, clinical & contract research organizations (CROs), and startups and scale-ups. Find the best professionals for clinical research roles with EPM Scientific and take the next step to success.


Why choose EPM Scientific for clinical research recruitment?

For over 10 years, EPM Scientific has supported established and startup organizations in the life sciences industry with clinical research recruitment at all levels of seniority and at all phases. Working with us gives your organization access to:

  • Unsurpassed Clinical Research Expertise: As a leading clinical research talent partner, we have extensive industry experience that gives us a clear understanding of the complexities involved, challenges faced, and the opportunities available to companies in the field. Using our expertise, we can quickly identify the best candidates whose skills, knowledge, and proven ability to drive innovation will make them assets to your organization.

  • Tailored Talent Acquisition Strategies: We do not take a one-size-fits-all approach to clinical research recruitment. Instead, we work with you to understand your organization’s unique requirements and customize our proven talent acquisition strategies, aligning them with your goals, technology stack, and company culture. This enables us to source individuals who share your organization’s values and vision, and who meet your stringent technical requirements.

  • Global Talent Network: With hubs around the world, we have a global talent network of highly skilled, capable, and experienced people who are passionate about clinical research and other aspects of the wider life sciences industry. Thanks to this network, we can find and deliver the right person for the job when you need them.

  • Innovative Mindset: The talent we source is known for staying ahead of trends, not just following them. Let our clinical research talent consultants help you put together a team that will push boundaries and drive progress.

  • A Successful Partnership: Sourcing and delivering top talent is only one aspect of what we do. Choosing EPM Scientific means forging a long-term partnership that also offers access to a variety of beneficial value-added services your organization can benefit from as you adapt, evolve, and scale. These services include employer value propositions, talent analysis, and salary benchmarking.

With experience, expertise, a constantly expanding network of qualified professionals around the world, and best-in-class technologies, we can source and deliver top talent for even the roles that are the most difficult to fill.

Take the next step toward achieving your organization’s objectives.

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EPM Scientific’s ability to source talent for a vast number of role types across all phases and levels of seniority is one of the reasons we are the preferred clinical research recruiters for industry-leading companies. Some of the roles we’ve helped fill include Clinical Project Director, Country Lead, Clinical Research Associate (CRA), and VP Clinical Operations. In addition to clinical research, our specialties include:

Looking to secure the best clinical research talent?

Expand your organization’s reach when it comes to clinical research recruitment. Make EPM Scientific your talent partner and let us deliver bespoke solutions when you need them. Whether you need C-suite individuals to oversee your organization or team players for a time-critical project, your hiring needs are in safe hands.

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