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Artificial intelligence, big data, gene editing, and 3D printing are among the new technologies that are fusing the biological, digital, and physical worlds to radically transform the way we treat patients and cure diseases. Life sciences have never been more exciting, but the stakes are high, competition is fierce, and with the importance of innovation and regulation, talent is everything.

Founded in 2012, EPM Scientific is a leading specialist talent partner in life sciences. With more than a decade’s experience, we help clients solve the greatest challenge in business today: talent. We provide permanent, contract, and multi-hire talent acquisition solutions which support the whole product life cycle, from research and development and pharmacovigilance, through to market launch.

Our focus is to recruit with accuracy, precision, and speed, enabled by our ongoing investment in the best technologies, consultant training, and industry relationships. By allowing us to guide your business through the talent acquisition process to secure the professionals you need, you can create a workforce able to make bold, intuitive, and future-forward decisions that will keep you ahead of the competition.

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Talent solutions, bespoke to you

The talent needs of no two companies are alike. We offer a range of bespoke talent acquisition solutions so that, together, we can find the best option for your business. Whether you are looking for a qualified, capable individual to oversee a time-sensitive project, or a team of experienced professionals to lead long-term growth, we will find the right people when you need them.

Our areas of expertise

The immense disruption taking place in the life sciences industry offers ample opportunities for reward as well as risk. Securing the right people to stay ahead of competitors and new players entering the market is critical for Biotech and Pharmaceutical companies to move forward with confidence. At EPM Scientific, we are experts at finding specialist talent for our clients, allowing them to focus on doing what they do best, which is nothing less than forging ahead to create a better world. Our specialist teams provide talent services for:

Clinical Development
Clinical Development

A career for those who strive to advance scientific knowledge for the benefit of all.


From product launch and marketing to sales and market access, help world-changing companies get m...

Clinical Operations
Clinical Operations

Be part of a global team that manages the success of 300,000 clinical trials every day.

Bioengineering & Medical Engineering
Bioengineering & Medical Engineering

A career in applying the principles of engineering to the biological world to improve our health ...


We help you by providing crucial HEOR talent. Their expertise is vital for organizations to distr...


​Providing healthcare and pharmaceutical organizations with top business-critical professionals.


Turning ideas into innovations, research and development is the lifeblood of the life sciences in...

Legal & Compliance
Legal & Compliance

​When the industry is being asked to innovate at an unimaginable scale, it pays to have access to...

Medical Communications
Medical Communications

Stimulating awareness, discussion and procurement of new medical devices, drugs and treatments.

Medical Affairs
Medical Affairs

Putting a face to a global corporation, medical affairs professionals are the bridge between scie...


From cloud-based data management to smart robots, quality is unlocking new tools to respond to ra...


From increased scrutiny of data integrity to a changing political landscape, regulatory teams kee...


For over 170 years, healthcare professionals have monitored medicals products in the market to en...

Making a difference

Working closely with each unique business, EPM Scientific identifies your specific needs, and we tailor our solutions to deliver results. Part of Phaidon International, we work alongside world-leading life science companies as their preferred talent partner. In addition to our key account management service, we offer a range of support services to better enable our clients to stay abreast of changes that will affect hiring processes or shape the future of work.

Whether you require talent analysis for new corporate hubs, interview user experience insights, or a deeper dive into the talent you may require to future-proof your company’s corporate strategy, our solutions make a difference. Draw on additional support such as:

  • Salary guidance

  • Hiring tips

  • Interview techniques

  • Risk mitigation

  • Sector-specific deep dives

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