• In-Demand Clinical Research Skills and Experience to Highlight in Your Next Interview

    about 2 months ago

    ​Like the wider life sciences industry, the Clinical Research arena is fiercely competitive. If you want to advance your career, you need to stand out from the crowd. One of the best ways to do this in an industry in which knowledge and expertise matter is to highlight your in-demand Clinical Research skills and experience in your next interview.EPM Scientific sheds light on...

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    In Demand Clinical Research
  • Life Sciences Salary Guides of 2023

    2 months ago

    Are you aiming to advance your career within the life sciences sector? Are you interested in discovering your competitors‘ offerings for professionals in your field across the APAC region? We are excited to present our new series of Salary Guides for the life sciences industry. These comprehensive reports will furnish you with invaluable insights into the present salary tren...

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  • Challenges to Talent Acquisition in the Life Sciences Industry

    5 months ago

    Although the Life Sciences industry is thriving, with healthcare now the largest employer by industry in the US, there are several key challenges in the sector that are generating significant competition when it comes to talent acquisition. According to Grant Thornton Global, skills and skilled people have become rare and in-demand commodities, and the rising expenses associ...

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  • Interview & Hiring Guidance

    7 months ago

    ​5 essential tips for employers, hiring managers, and HR on the hiring process in Life SciencesThe interview process, from initial phone call screenings and psychometric testing, to face to face interviews with the hiring manager and onsite tours, can often be a long and laborious process. So it is imperative to keep an interview process streamlined and engaged, to ensure ta...

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  • The Reality of Freelance Work: What Hiring Managers Need to Know in the Life Sciences Industry

    7 months ago

    As a recruiter or hiring manager in the life sciences industry, you may have preconceived notions about freelance work for tech professionals. However, it's important to separate fact from fiction when it comes to these common myths. Here are seven myths you may have heard about freelance work and the truth behind them:​Myth #1: Freelance work is only for junior professional...

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  • How to Ensure Employee Retention in Life Sciences

    10 months ago

    ​The Pharmaceutical market has expanded considerably in the past two decades, with Pharma revenues totalling $1.42tn in 2021. This has been accompanied by a growing demand for experienced, highly qualified Life Sciences professionals: with more drugs than ever now available, companies require a strong workforce to bring their products to market. The industry has had to deal...

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  • How to Determine if a New Hire Will Fit into Your Company's Culture

    10 months ago

    There’s no question that a company’s culture and ethos can help its employees feel more satisfied at work, increase employee retention and ultimately serve as a catalyst for its success. Company culture is seen as very important by professionals: survey data collected by Glassdoor shows that more than three quarters of professionals take the culture into account before apply...

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  • Benefits of Life Sciences Contract Work

    11 months ago

    According to Statista, 86.5 million people in the United States alone will be freelancing by 2027, which is more than half of the country’s workforce – and this is a trend that’s not limited to the US. In Europe, it’s estimated that there are already 32.3 million freelancers making up 15% of the total labor market.If you’re in the Life Sciences sector, you can enjoy the be...

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    Life Sciences Contract Work