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Salary Survey Report

Posted on March 2024

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As the life sciences industry in the USA returns to its normal pace following record years of growth during the pandemic, organizations face the challenge of redefining their priorities. Navigating this transition effectively requires having the right talent in place—individuals who can steer companies through changes, foster innovation, and seize the endless opportunities that could revolutionize healthcare.

To help organizations better understand how to attract and retain the very best talent, and provide a guideline for professionals looking to benchmark compensation packages, EPM Scientific has released its latest Salary Survey Report.

The report surveyed 1200 life sciences professionals across the USA to uncover their current salaries, bonuses, and benefits packages. The aim is to provide valuable insights into compensation movements and understand the factors driving professionals to seek new career opportunities in this dynamic environment.

Some of the findings in the report include:




received a pay raise worth 1-5% of their base salary.

said that flexible working is important or very important when considering a new job opportunity.

are looking for a 16-20% pay raise in their next role.

Discover all the insights by downloading the Salary Survey Report now.

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