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How to Write a Job Description for a Biostatistics Role

Posted on October 2023

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Finding the right individual for a Biostatistics role in your life sciences company can be challenging. Get the process off to a good start by writing a clear and accurate job description for the role.

A well-crafted job description for a Biostatistics role can help you to:

  • Filter applicants by allowing professionals to assess their fitness for the role.

  • Determine vital Key Performance Indicators(KPIs) for job evaluations during post-hire probation.

  • Mitigate legal risk by ensuring employee- and employer-alignment regarding job expectations such as usual duties, responsibilities, and tasks, as well as regularization metrics.

In this article, EPM Scientific sheds light on how to write an effective job description for a Biostatistics role.

Writing a Biostatistics job description

A Biostatistics job description should contain a few key elements to be effective. These include responsibilities, skills, qualifications, remuneration (if possible), benefits, company information, and the company’s core values.

Remember to be specific by defining the role’s purpose, include objectives such as KPIs used to measure success, describe the activities involved and the results desired, ensure the role’s overall goals are realistic, and include the role’s time-bound goals.

Main responsibilities of a Biostatistician

Individuals in Biostatistician roles, particularly in senior positions, provide a wide variety of guidance, support, and advanced statistical knowledge to faculties, managers, researchers, and scientists. Additionally, they participate in the design, development, and reporting of studies and trials, and they collect, analyze, and interpret data across multiple entities, responding to a range of complex statistical issues in life sciences research settings.

Some of the main responsibilities to include in a job description (if applicable to the role at your company) are:

  • Designing, analyzing, implementing, and reporting findings on targeted studies

  • Providing consulting to researchers and investigators

  • Working with investigators on analysis plan formalization and reporting specifications

  • Reviewing and monitoring biomarker analysis, safety reporting, and other aspects of clinical trial monitoring

  • Assisting with the preparation of protocols, investigator brochures, clinical trial documents, peer-reviewed manuscripts, scientific abstracts, and regulatory agency request responses

  • Serving as subject matter expert for committees, research teams, and other collaborators

  • Overseeing and coordinating statistical support staff, data entry staff, and others on an operational basis or on a project or site.

Important skills and qualifications required for a senior position

A good job description for a Biostatistician role should include an overview of the key skills and qualifications that your company is looking for in a candidate in a senior position. In addition to the relevant academic and training qualifications, these skills should include:

  • Knowledge and understanding of scientific approach and methodologies, principles, concepts, methods, and standards of statistical research

  • Ability to apply advanced techniques in support of research studies and experiments

  • Ability to analyze, interpret, and draw conclusions from complex information

  • Ability to provide leadership and technical guidance to professionals

  • Strong time management skills, ability to prioritize, analytical communication, problem-solving skills, and critical thinking

Showcasing your company

Creating a good job description for a Biostatistics role gives you an opportunity to showcase your company. By describing your company culture and offering a clear idea of a day in the life of someone in the role, it can inspire suitable candidates to take action.

In addition to portraying the type of person who will flourish in your company, a good job description can be used to market your company to potential candidates, and to highlight your employer value proposition. Ensure you provide an overview of your company’s mission, culture, values, and benefits, as well as what makes your company appealing and unique.

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