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APAC Life Sciences Salary Guide 2023: Japan

Posted on August 2023 By EPM Scientific

Japan Salary Guide

​Dive into the latest insights into the Japan life sciences industry with our comprehensive Salary Guide for 2023. Discover the salary trends, compensation expectations, and career motivations that are shaping the landscape of this dynamic sector.

Here are some of the interesting findings:

  • New Propects | 66% of Japan Life Sciences Professionals are seeking new career opportunities in 2023.

  • Flexible Options Reigns Strong | 91% of Japan Life Sciences Professionals find flexible working/working-from-home very important when considering a new job.

  • Bonus Season | 22% of Commercial Japan Life Sciences Professionals received bonuses within the 11-15% bracket, and 22% received 21-29% in bonuses.

Our Japan report covers the Japan Life Sciences industry

and delves into the Commercial function.

Japan Salary Guide

Download the latest Life Sciences Salary Guide 2023: Japan report for more insights.

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