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Biologics Hotspots Around The World

Posted on March 2023

Biologics Manufacturing Insights

Discover key manufacturing insights and what dynamic forces are reshaping the industry

Globally, the biologics market overall is witnessing robust expansion, causing a surge in the demand for highly skilled Life Sciences professionals.

One of the biggest concerns that could impact growth of the sector is talent scarcity and a skills gap. Increasing investments, a rise in R&D activity, greater incidences of chronic diseases, and the growing availability of advanced diagnostics, positions the Life Sciences positively in the years ahead, but it will be competing for the same skills as rival industries.

Life Sciences companies therefore require resourceful workforce planning as dynamic forces reshape the pharma, biopharm, medtech, and diagnostics industries. This won’t be easy in today’s tight labor market.

In this report, we profile some of today’s — and tomorrow’s — biologics hotspots, from North America to East Asia. The report is also designed to help professionals when considering their career options and maps key market trends covering how biologics and the wider Life Sciences industry is progressing, as well as what opportunities lie ahead.

Download the Biologics Hotspots report here.

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