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Biotech Talent

Posted on December 2022

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​Biotechnology is a Life Science-focused industry sector that uses molecular biology and living organisms to produce a range of healthcare and medical products. Biotech companies also develop therapeutic devices and treatments and processes, including those such as DNA fingerprinting. This sector is particularly well known for its role in producing medicines and pharmaceuticals. But Biotech companies also apply their skills to a range of other areas, including food and biofuel production and genomics.

Research and development form a particularly crucial element of the Biotech industry and Biotech companies’ operations. According to data from the UK BioIndustry Association, it can take more than a decade’s worth of research and development, the testing of over 10,000 drug candidates, and more than $1 billion worth of investments to develop a single successful medicine.

The significant investments of time, expertise and finances involved in developing biotechnology require Biotech companies to use these resources wisely – and recruiting highly skilled talent for open roles is a proven way of ensuring that these investments have the best chances of producing successful results. As a Biotechnology executive search firm, EPM Scientific offers a wealth of experience in assisting Biotech companies find the ideal candidate for the positions they are looking to fill.

As one of the leading Biotech talent partners in the industry, we provide leading talent to Life Sciences and Biotechnology organizations and take pride in building strong relationships and delivering first in class recruitment services to all our clients. We have successfully provided permanent, contract and multi-hire resources across full project life cycles, and recruit for an extensive portfolio of Biotech organizations that are leading the industry today.

Our approach of treating our Biotech clients as partners ensures that you will receive consistently transparent and effective executive search service, which will enable you to build strong and capable teams to drive your business forward.

If you’re looking to fill key roles across Biopharmaceuticals, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, or Medical Device Manufacturing, request a call back for support sourcing talent that will meet your organization’s specific needs.

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