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How to Leave Your Job Without Burning Bridges

Posted on November 2021

A business man waving goodbye to his team in the office

Professionals talk to each other in the global pharma and life sciences sector, and you may find that your reputation already precedes you when applying for roles within the sector. If you quit a role in a sudden and dramatic way which burns bridges, your actions may come back to haunt you. Even if you hate your current role, it is better to leave your employer singing your praises rather than bad mouthing you to potential employees.  

Ideally, you want to leave a position on a positive note, where your notice has been spent helping your colleagues and employers prepare for your departure and making the transition to the new employee as smooth as possible.  

This guide outlines the value of leaving on good terms with your employer, and gives useful tips on how to leave a role in a professional and dignified manner. 

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