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Want to Land Your Dream Life Sciences Job? Choose a Specialist Recruiter

Posted on September 2020

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The search for your dream life sciences job is no mean feat. Often, the trickiest part is getting your foot in the door. After all, many life sciences jobs are not widely advertised – or made known to the public at all. From the outside, large multinationals or discreet biotech start-ups can seem impenetrable. How can you successfully apply for your dream job?

A life sciences recruiter will share insider knowledge

Introducing the life sciences recruiter. EPM Scientific have developed fruitful partnerships with world-leading companies and emerging start-ups across pharmaceuticals, healthcare, biomedical technologies and devices.

For life sciences professional searching for their dream job, a relationship with a specialist recruiter offers exclusive access to insider knowledge. This includes what a leading organization or hiring manager’s ideal applicant looks like, as well as objective insight into company culture, leadership styles, and even growth strategies – all for free.

In a time when the life sciences industry is being asked to innovate at an unimaginable scale, it pays to have expert advice on the latest industry developments and company performance, as well as a fair valuation of your market value and honest advice on whether your salary expectations are in-line with your skills and expertise.

A life sciences recruiter will share exclusive roles

Life sciences recruiters will have access to roles that are not made public. Working with a specialist recruiter is the only way to apply to these exclusive roles.

Moreover, EPM Scientific is chosen by industry-leading companies to represent their life sciences roles exclusively. They trust our track record to deliver the top life sciences professionals and knowledge workers in the international market.

As with other leading companies, life sciences firms rely on the headhunting skills of our specialist recruitment consultants to bring them the best and brightest candidates in the market. For employers, this saves the cost of having to filter through thousands of unqualified applications. For those lucky candidates that are put forwards, this means the hiring manager pays serious attention to their job application.

A life sciences recruiter will be your industry advocate

Searching for your dream job is costly. Hours, days, and weeks can be wasted combing through job boards or LinkedIn for the right position. Often, a significant amount of time is lost just trying to decipher a job description. All this can result in rushed or irrelevant applications.

Our life sciences recruitment consultants can help you decode industry jargon and define what your dream job looks like. They can also determine jobs that are more appropriate for you based on your qualifications and experience, or that would serve as an essential steppingstone on the path towards your real dream job. Our life sciences recruitment consultants often know the keywords or experience hiring managers are looking for and will tailor your resume to match their preferences. All this dedicated work makes it much more likely that you will succeed to interview stage and, ultimately, land your dream life sciences job.

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At EPM Scientific, our life sciences recruitment consultants will often only receive a fee from the hiring company when they have successfully placed a candidate – and they have remained in the role for a period. For this reason, they will advocate on your behalf and ensure that you are only put forwards for roles where you would make an excellent technical and cultural fit. This makes is much more likely that you truly have secured your dream life sciences job.

Get in touch with our team to discover how we can further your career in life sciences.

Person looking at a digital display of personas
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