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Ready to Reopen? Help Employees Back to the Office with these Six Steps

Posted on August 2020

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In these unprecedented times, the life sciences industry is being asked to innovate at an unimaginable scale. Covid-19 has also forced life sciences to rapidly uptake remote working. While this digital transformation has been a challenge, it has proven a success for many – and 81% of life sciences professionals want their employer to encourage more working from home in the future.

Of course, working from home comes with it’s own set of challenges. Meetings and collaboration can stall due to a faulty internet connection. Neither can all work can be performed outside a R&D center or lab. Regulatory and quality professionals must make on-site visits. Meanwhile medical research still largely favors face-to-face interactions to effectively monitor patients.

In other sectors, many businesses are beginning to transition their employees back to the office. How can life sciences companies safely return the rest of their workforce to the office? With so much advice out there, it can be hard to know where to begin. As a global company, we’ve overseen the transition a few times over the last 9 months. Today, we want to share what we have learned. Prepare to REOPEN with these six simple steps.

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