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How to Make the Perfect Job Offer

Posted on November 2019

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Pharma and life sciences has been disrupted by a new generation of start-ups focused on tech innovation and using data to develop futuristic new solutions for both diagnosis and treatment. This has led to a global labor market which is competitive, with the best candidates able to demand higher salaries and more perks, while considering multiple job offers.  

As the sector diversifies, there is increasing pressure on hiring managers and recruiters to secure the most skilled employees quickly to ensure companies are keeping up with the fast pace of pharma, and life sciences development.  

This article is a guide on how to make a brilliant job offer which your dream candidate will have no choice but to say ‘yes’ to. It includes advice on how to make the initial offer, how to sell your role successfully to quality candidates, and how to negotiate any counteroffers you may face in the hiring process.

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