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Biotech Recruiter

The role of the biotech recruiter is to help enterprises establish innovative and resilient teams with the capability to nurture growth and drive progress. Biotech is a fast-moving field where expertise and innovation are critical. As a biotech recruiter with more than a decade of experience, EPM Scientific is able to deliver on both these fronts. The firm has established a team of consultants with deep sector insight and an understanding of the obstacles and pressures that firms within this area face, as well as the opportunities that exist for organizations that focus on effective talent management to fuel success.

Finding specialist talent

EPM Scientific partners with businesses and organizations across the life sciences sector to help find specialist talent for a range of roles, including those that are niche and hard to fill. The firm’s expertise as a biotech recruiter is essential in ensuring the right connections are made. Over the years the team has established a broad network of exceptional candidates with the skills and experience to meet the recruitment requirements of the most forward-thinking and innovative businesses within biotech. EPM Scientific partners with leading biotech and start-ups around the work to secure business-critical talent for their growing teams.

Supporting a global industry

Life sciences - and biotech - are not contained by borders and being a genuinely effective biotech recruiter requires the ability to reach out on a global basis. EPM Scientific consultants work from global hubs all over the world and have an international reach that is essential when it comes to finding the best talent. The firm is also part of the Phaidon International group, which means it is already the go to recruitment partner for many world-leading companies. Handling the recruitment needs of these organizations allows each one to focus more fully on what they do best, which is leading from the front to create a better world.

Flexible and exceptional support

EPM Scientific delivers permanent, contract and multi-hire solutions to businesses looking to work with the brightest minds in life sciences. EPM Scientific consultants are specialists and highly trained, working with best-in-class technology to provide effective and productive support that is designed specifically for the needs of every biotech client. The firm’s focus on people reflects a belief that this is where the strength of any organization lies.

EPM Scientific life sciences coverage is broad, including commercial and communications, clinical development and biometrics, research and development, medical affairs, safety/pharmacovigilance, quality and clinical operations. Specialist consultants with experience in recruiting for roles in all of these areas make EPM Scientific a natural choice for organizations looking to find talent with potential.

The pressure is on in life sciences today to exceed previous expectations and surpass existing limits. Key to achieving this is finding the right people - which is where working with a specialist biotech recruiter like EPM Scientific is essential. We can help you build the teams you need to succeed.